24 Hours in São Paulo

Great tips. The batman’s alley in São Paulo is a wonderful tourist spot, especially at night, when several people gather at the nearby bars.

Sister Sister Travels

Sao Paulo was a rarity for us, normally as soon as we step off the plane or boat we are already falling in love with a city, but when visiting Sao Paulo, it took us a while to find the charm. After the first few hours we were concerned this was going to be the first place where we would go home and say, ‘nah give that a miss,’ but after putting in some hard graft we started falling. Sao Paulo in our opinion is like a cat, it makes you work and work for its affection, but once you’re in and its accepted you, there is so much it has to offer.

Now, this rough start wasn’t fully Sao Paulo’s bad, we (mainly Natalie) had done some bad planning. Firstly, we had arranged to go during a public holiday so pretty much everywhere and everything was shut. All the…

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